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Christmas In Strasbourg

Christmas in Strasbourg is something to behold. Hundreds of shops, restaurants and houses are draped in millions of lights, Christmas wreaths...

A long exposure of a Rotating Christmas Tree in Strasbourg

Autumn In Strasbourg

Autumn is aesthetic poetry. It comes to life through layers of lush contrasting gradients. It speaks in nature's warmest hues and dances through...

Petite-France Strasbourg

Population: 1000

The village of Højer was quiet. A lone windmill sat closed. Night was looming and not a soul was in sight. We passed houses with dim lights...

A Night Alone in Højer Denmark

The Glass In The Oculus

This stunning work of art was made for the asp of the Cathedral of Siena but was replaced in 2004 by a copy to help preserve the near 800 year...

Duccio di Buoninsegna's stained glass window in the Siena Cathedral