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The Glass In The Oculus

This stunning work of art was made for the asp of the Cathedral of Siena but was replaced in 2004 by a copy to help preserve the near 800 year...

Duccio di Buoninsegna's stained glass window in the Siena Cathedral

Florence In Monochrome

They call her the Cradle of the Renaissance. Topped with red brick and adorned with the works of the Italian masters of art, architecture and...

Ponte alla Carraia in Florence in Black and white

Tropical Animals

From the outside, the club scene in Florence can appear a stagnant mess of bad R&B and pop nights designed solely to yank in American...

Two Girls in Tropical Animals in Florence

Florence Cocktail Week 2016

The first ever Florence Cocktail Week was a resounding success. We found the week long event to be a perfect excuse to sample and resample the...

Il Conte In Oriente served at the Fusion Bar during Florence Cocktail Week 2016