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Europe Is Our Playground is an evolving platform dedicated to the exploration of Europe from our hub in London. We explore beautiful towns and cities through literary travel writing and review restaurants and bars throughout Europe with an emphasis on London: our town.

Europe Is Our Playground is for those who enjoy the finer experiential post-tourism travel moments, while at home or abroad. We write travel stories about Europe and talk about our experiences through literary travel writing, editorial, reviews and candid travel photography.

About the Editor

Nick Nomi is the creator and editor at Europe Is Our Playground. He writes editorial and creates content for travel companies and occasionally contributes to travel, culture and lifestyle magazines, as well as e-commerce and editorial management for fashion and creative companies.

To learn more about Nick you can take a look at his author bio here.


The design of Europe Is Our Playground reflects our ethos. Independent, modern and not afraid to do things differently. We emphasise content over everything else and rarely advertise (we never advertised in the past but there’s an increasing amount of work that needs to be done and less and less time to do it and we need money for cocktails…). We have forgone the typical travel rhetoric to bring our readers an interesting and evolving platform in terms of both written and visual content and website design. We often use stories to characterise a city, we unbind the city from the traveller. We offer experience ahead of pure knowledge. And we uncover minor sights, little escapes and the inner details that make locations more interesting.

Europe Is Our Playground is fixated on highlighting everything that is wonderful and unusual about Europe, with a particular focus on food and drink. Almost everything on Europe Is Our Playground is created by Nick Nomi in an effort to further celebrate individuality and taste in an industry that is quickly become sedate and uniform – but if you’re interested in contributing or having us review your restaurant, bar, hotel or experience, then get in contact here

Restaurant 22 Cambridge

The exterior of Restaurant 22 gives little away from across the road but get a little closer and the fact that it hides a restaurant becomes all the clearer. It’s a small victorian townhouse with a regal black door and ornate stained glass windows depicting various...

Le Volpi e l’uva Florence

Florence's enoteche are as various as the wines served inside them. Glitzy modern spots with views of the Arno’s various bridges line the riverside, while old school haunts like Le Volpi e l'Uva pop up on backstreets across the city. The latter types tend to be my...

The Barge House Haggerston

Nestled along the banks of the quaintest little canal in De Beauvoir Town (West Haggerston), the Barge House is a real gem. I went along for brunch to try their now famous weekend brunch menu and found a quiet little spot that blew away my expectations with a...

Jinjuu Soho Review

I was little late to the Jinjuu hype train as I was living in Florence when it all kicked off, but when I begrudgingly came back to London it seemed like one of those London only kind of places that I'd struggled to find around Europe, but wanted to try. Not because...

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