The Glass In The Oculus

This stunning work of art was made for the asp of the Cathedral of Siena but was replaced in 2004 by a copy to help preserve the near 800 year old original. The original (pictured) now stands at eye-level in a darkened room in the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.

Duccio di Buoninsegna created the drawings for the window, but whomever worked the glass has been lost to history. The window, made up of fourteen large soda–lime glass panels, was designed specifically for the oculus of the apse of the Cathedral and was completed in 1288. The panels running vertically through the centre tell the story of the Virgin Mary with the Coronation, the Assumption and the Burial. The two side panels show (left to right) the patron saints Bartholomew, Ansano, Crescenzio and Savino. The corner triangles depict the four Evangelists with their names and symbols: St John and the eagle in the top left and in the top right St Matthew depicted with an angel, and below are St Luke with a winged ox and St Mark with a winged lion.

The vertical panels depicting the Virgin Mary.

The side panels showing the Patron Saints

The corner panels and the Four Evangelists

The museum has a number of interesting works within its walls but the stained glass rose window is by far its most beautiful and interesting. Duccio’s most renowned work the impressive Maestà, is also in the museum.

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