Christmas In Strasbourg

Christmas in Strasbourg is something to behold. Hundreds of shops, restaurants and houses are draped in millions of lights, Christmas wreaths...

A long exposure of a Rotating Christmas Tree in Strasbourg

The Iconography Of Death

Tracing the politically-tinged resurgence of the Danse Macabre art movement, popular in the medieval years, the exhibition Dernière Danse,...

Gustave Doré's La Rue de la Vieille lanterne ou Allégorie sur la mort de Gérard de Nerval (1855) at the Dernière Danse exhibition in Galerie Heitz, Palais Rohan.

Three Little Venices

Venice conjures up the most intricately romantic images - from late night rendezvous hand-in-hand atop arched bridges to the enchanting rhythm of...

The canals in Annecy Venice of the Alps in France