Photo: Carole Feuerman At The Venice Biennale

I was lucky enought to stumble into a garden in Venice recently, where this hyper-realistic sculpture was laid (in the Personal Structures group show at the Palazzo Mora at 2015’s Venice Biennale). The work is by American artist, Carole Feuerman and is entitled Leda and the Swan. This fascinating piece is based on the Greek myth in which Zeus, disguised as a swan, seduces Leda, resulting in the birth of Helen of Troy. Incredibly, the sculpture, along with its shipping box weighed in at just a little over 1,000 pounds!

For more information on the artist, please take a look here, and for more on the Venice Biennale please click here.

To see more of Carole Feuerman’s work visit the Venice Biennale’s Time –Space-Existence  exhibit which runs from May 9th through November 22, 2015 in the Palazzo Mora.