Lyon: Fête Des Lumières

The Fête Des Lumières brings millions of people to the city of Lyon each year… but don’t let that put you off.  It can be a little full, but a slow walk around the city’s streets under such beautiful light is simply enchanting. You’ll note that the Saturday of the weekend is often fullest but I prefer to travel to Lyon for the last 2 days of the festival, with the last day – the Monday as the highlight with fireworks by the river and slightly smaller crowds.

It’s hard not to be taken by the spectacle. There are usually around 100 different installations/ events scattered all over the city, and all quite wonderful. This year my favourite was easily the bendy lanterns on Rue Royale which lent the street a whimsical otherworldly atmosphere, which wouldn’t be too our of place in a Jean-Pierre Jeunet or Tim Burton movie.  

Here’s some photos of my favourite installations and spectacles at Lyon’s Fête Des Lumières.

Below: The Bamboo La Forêt Lumineuse at the Place de la Republique and The Ferris Wheel at Place Bellecour.

Scintillante at the Rue de la Republique and the salsa animations at Place Des Terreaux.

Globes of light at the Jardin D’Hiver and the Cathédralle Saint-Jean.

The candle-lit interior of Cathédralle Saint-Jean, The Rue Royale lit by the bendy lanterns and the firework display on the last evening.