A Beccafico Venice Review

A Beccafico is one of my goto restaurants in Venice. It’s the best of a collection of restaurants all nestled on the quaint Campo Santo Stefano, which is a beautiful little square not too far from Rio de S vidal and the Ponte dell’Accademia.

A Beccafico provides a slightly more refined dining experience than one might be used to in Venice (if you frequent the pushy “Menu turistico” joints, that is.. which incidentally is just unforgivable) and the Sicilian fare on offer is just fabulous. A constant favourite is the wonderful mussel soup. It comes oven baked and wrapped in a pizza base, served steaming and ready to be sliced into and devoured. It’s a bit of a head turner as the waiters precariously edge their way around tables in the courtyard with the whole thing looking like a giant shell-shaped parcel of bread.

The steak is consistently cooked to perfection. I order slightly over rare whenever we eat here and it always comes as requested, browned with a slight char and dressed in a savoury black pepper sauce –  it’s simple – but mouthwatering, while the variations of pasta on offer are fantastic. The Sciabolini all’astice e polpa di granchio (lobster) and seafood versions being our favourites.

The desserts are good too, if not a touch rustically presented – in particular the Tiramisu which comes served in a glass jar – though be warned – it’s a little on the large side. Don’t bother ordering sweet wines or Limoncello, as these are always complimentary.

However, where A Beccafico truly shines is in the quality and generosity of service, no doubt helped along by the ever present manager who is always on hand to offer his advice, whether it is in choosing a wine or translating the Italian menu. Waiters are ushered to tables and happy to indulge in a little conversation and always helpful, not to mention strikingly well presented – with not a tie out of place.

A BeccaficoCampo Santo Stefano, 2801, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy