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a curated list of reviews, restaurants, bars and attractions in London that matter to us.

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The Barge House Haggerston

Nestled along the banks of the quaintest little canal in De Beauvoir Town (West Haggerston), the Barge House is a real gem. I went along for brunch to try their now famous weekend brunch menu and found a quiet little spot that blew away my expectations with a...

The brunch Breakfast In Bed dish at the Barge House.
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Jinjuu Soho Review

I was little late to the Jinjuu hype train as I was living in Florence when it all kicked off, but when I begrudgingly came back to London it seemed like one of those London only kind of places that I'd struggled to find around Europe, but wanted to try. Not...

The Interview Cocktail at Jinjuu Soho London
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Angelina Dalston

Soft launches in London are always a bit hit and miss but Angelina managed to be both hit and miss. It all started relatively good, with an inviting, dark façade and beautiful, stylish interiors welcoming us in from the cold empty streets of Dalston. But with the...

Angelina Restaurant in Dalston, East London
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Hutong At The Shard

We speed up in the elevator at such a rate that I don't notice the first 32 floors that we pass by on the way to the 33rd. It's smooth and the interiors of the lift are sleek and pine scented. As the doors open, we're greeted by a huge map of the city and just a...

The Dim Sum Platter at Hutong in The Shard London

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