A Disney Photo Diary

I adore Disneyland Paris. The vivid colours, the maddening sounds of fairground music, the mechanical rush of the rides and the feeling of truly being in, quite literally, another land. When I tell people this I inevitably get a few dubious looks – apparently I’m a little old to still be so much in love with a world based entirely on the imagination. I love riding the rides of course but this is really a place where you can easily spend a day walking – viewing the faux sites – everything from enchanted castles (the only one that has a dragon in its vaults no less!) to mazes fashioned after Alice In Wonderland. It may be rowdy, you might have to travel well beyond the outskirts of Paris to reach it – but it is wonderful. Nowhere else but these colourful themed worlds can we dispense with the masquerade, throw out our adult inhibitions and let our inner child take over: I say embrace it.

Take a look below for a few visual highlights from our day spent strolling and running manically around the park.

I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse. Walt Disney

The Whimsical World Of Disneyland

Secrets Of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Interestingly the dragon that rests within the Sleeping Beauty Castle is, at the time of writing, the only one in a Disney Castle in the world. You’ll find the animatronic dragon in La Taniere du Dragon beneath the Castle. The dragon is Disneyland Paris’s largest audio-animatronic measuring 79 feet long and weighing 5,500 pounds. You may notice though that this dragon isn’t quite the same as those from the Disney back catalogue – that’s because the kind folks at Disney thought we Europeans would prefer that our dragon resemble the “real” dragons of European folklore….

Disneyland Paris At Night