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The Poet In The Jardin du Luxembourg Ossip Zadkine's Memorial To Paul Éluard

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Hidden in the western corner of the Jardin du Luxembourg amongst lush shrubbery and tall dark trees that block the sun, hides a poet. Rather, a surreal bronze depiction of the poet Paul Eluard, by the Russian-born artist Ossip Zadkine. The work is similar in style to Zadkine’s seminal work – ‘La ville detruite’ which stands in Rotterdam as a …

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The Gondoliers of Venice A secretive guild of Venetian elite or simply a gimmick?

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The dark shadows of Gondolas have moved through the canals of Venice for almost 1000 years, and for each of those dark crescent shaped boats, there have been hundreds more Gondoliers, each rigorously trained and sworn into the Gondoliers guild, only after years of apprenticeship at the mercy of a master Gondolier. First the Gondoliers worked mostly for the Venetian …

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Travel Photo: Alsacienne Rooftop

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We’ve just arrived in the Alsace region of France and are somewhat flabbergasted by everything that we see. After a year in and out of Florence, surrounded by the renaissance and bearing witness to the burying of its treasures under a sea of international students and selfie-stick sellers, there could be no better escape than this beautiful, tranquil, and green …