The Polish built Dar Mlodziezy sailing down the Thames and passing by Canary Wharf in London

Travel Photo: London’s Tall Ships Festival

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Occasionally I find myself missing living in London. Don’t get me wrong, I love the slow travel life – calling a city a home for a few months, or a year while we explore the neighbouring towns, cities, counties and countries – but sometimes, I find myself remembering the conveniences of our home in London. We lived, before beginning this latest adventure, on the banks of the River Thames, in the beautiful and mostly serene Greenland Docks – right across from Canary Wharf. As such, we’d spend lots of time on the river – taking the clipper, sitting in riverside pubs and watching the multitude of events that seem to take place daily – whether it be the incredible sight of a cruise ship arriving into London, fireworks over Canary Wharf, the Tower Bridge raising to let ships pass or immense festivals such as the Tall Ships Festival.

The photo above is from the latter – The Tall Ships Festival, 2014 – and more precisely, the Parade of Sail – which is the grand finale to the wonderful week-long activities of the The Tall Ship Festival, which sees hundreds of impressive ships sail the waters of the Thames each and every year.  The ship in the photo is the Dar Młodzieży (“The Gift of Youth”)  –  a Polish sail training ship designed by Zygmunt Choreń, which launched in November 1981 at the Gdańsk shipyard, Poland. The ship, Dar Młodzieży, was the first Polish-built, ocean-going sailing vessel to circumnavigate the globe (1987–88).

To see the spectacle yourself, head to the Thames around Greenwich on the finale day of the festival. This year the festival will take between the 27th and 31st of August, 2015 – for more info take a look at the official website here.

This image from the London Tall Ships Festival is one in a series of travel photos that we will post to highlight the unique, less explored aspects of travel . Click here to see the whole series.

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