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Travel Photo: Guy Fawkes Fireworks

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As a child growing up in the lost county of Yorkshire in the north of England – there were few things better than the start of autumn… First came the cold winds and the paling of leafs on the trees as summer passed properly into autumn in late September, and then as the leafs began to slowly fall and the nights got longer and darker, Halloween came with trick or treating and unfortunate Count Duckula costumes, all of which, just a few days later on the 5th of November, was swiftly followed by a night of celebration by the fire, fireworks, sticky toffee apples and a plethora of other foods including tasty Yorkshire Parkin and simple hot dogs with slow cooked onions.

The scents of autumn always captivated me, but especially on Bonfire Night – when the cold air combines with the flames from the fire, the smoke from the fireworks and sparklers and the sweet aromas of Parkin and sticky toffee apples cooking in the kitchen – it remains one of very few things that I miss about life in the country.

When I moved to London we spent the first few years attending the incredibly over the top and far too full fireworks displays all over the city until we moved to the gorgeous Greenland Docks and to our top floor flat where we had an incredible view of the London skyline – from The Shard when it finally appeared on the skyline all the way across to Canary Wharf. From then on we spent every Bonfire Night on the balcony, BBQ’ing, playing with sparklers and watching the fireworks – there were huge displays in Southwark Park which is just a few moments from the docks, in central London and random lights in the sky firing from the docks below and even from neighbouring gardens.

The image above is from one of those nights on the balcony, a firework was let off from a nearby garden in the foreground and the ones in the background are from one of the larger central London displays. By midnight – the air was thick with smoke and tinged with the scents of burning wood, gunpowder and leaves – just as it should be on November 5th.

This image of fireworks over the London skyline is one in a series of travel photos that we will post to highlight the unique, less explored aspects of travel. Click here to see the whole series.

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