An Alsacienne rooftop in Colmar

Travel Photo: Alsacienne Rooftop

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We’ve just arrived in the Alsace region of France and are somewhat flabbergasted by everything that we see. After a year in and out of Florence, surrounded by the renaissance and bearing witness to the burying of its treasures under a sea of international students and selfie-stick sellers, there could be no better escape than this beautiful, tranquil, and green place.

This photo was taken in Colmar at the end of Grand Rue, as we sat enjoying the quiet of a small fountain, just next door to Little Venice. A typical Alsacienne building, not as old, or as intricate as most in the city but beautiful nonetheless, and such a difference from the Leviathan-esque Renaissance operas that line every street of Florence.

This image of an Alsacienne rooftop is one in a series of travel photos that we will post to highlight the unique, less explored aspects of travel. Click here to see the whole series.

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