The l'entrecôte de boeuf à l'os à moelle (steak with bone marrow) at Au Coin Des Pucelles in Strasbourg France

Au Coin Des Pucelles Review French Staples In An Intimate Setting in Strasbourg

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This delightfully cosy restaurant sits on a corner of a small back alley on the newer side of Strasbourg and serves up a small menu of classic French dishes and a handful of local Alsacienne staples. It’s popular with the tourists that dare to brave some 15 minutes away from the historic quarter (so all 12 of them) as well as locals who come here for good, bistro-like home-cooking and the boisterous yet considerate atmosphere.

I’d say that this is the kind of restaurant one goes to for good food and good food alone. The insides, while pretty and quaint are a tad cramped and intimate – though not intrusively so, the service is fine and as one should expect in a family run place, and the menu is good, though not extensive. Nothing really stands out but it feels as though all is as it should be in this quiet room of timber and glass.

We walked in one evening at around 9pm to an almost full restaurant (not difficult – there are only 8 tables – give or take a table), mixed with a smattering of locals, a table of Germans and a table of mixed Europeans and Americans talking about work in the parliamentary capital of Europe. We took our seats and noted the menu du jour in chalk on the walls, from which we ordered two dishes, and the small menu which had a bit of everything covered. As the starters were of the snails in garlic sauce variety, and I just wanted steak, we decided to leave the starters for another time.

I ordered what turned out to be a wonderful l’entrecôte de boeuf à l’os à moelle (rib steak with bone marrow). I ordered it a little over rare and it came as desired. The meat, though a little thin, was juicy and tender. The marrow, served in-bone on the side of the steak with a useless spoon for scraping it out (use your knife!) added a layer of delectable, culinary ecstasy to the dish. I won’t deny that I delighted in scraping out the marrow which thickened each slice of the steak with drippings of pure fatty flavour.

My wife ordered the onglet from the menu du jour, which is served almost rare, as thick ribbons of dark charred flesh with bloody interiors. On the side, a gloopy shallot vinegar which I believe was thickened with beef drippings for the extra oomph, adds a beautifully sweet yet savoury flavour when layered over the meat.

We opted for a local Pinot Noir from the Boeckel estate in Mittelbergheim, to pair with both our steaks which accented wonderfully well with the meat. The flavour was a little oaky with aromas of berries and red fruits. Perhaps not a good choice if your steak isn’t rare, but a good drinkable wine nonetheless. For dessert we chose a delicious apple crumble with salted caramel from the menu du jour which was more than enough for two to share, before finishing with an eau de vie.

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