Vogue Fashion Night Out: Firenze

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I never much enjoyed Vogue’s Fashion Night Out back in London – it’s always spread somewhat thinly across the city with every little shop doing something – and just a little bit too much posing for my liking. I mostly avoided it, save for one evening spent in Moschino on Conduit Street – but only because they had some great cocktails. As both me and my wife worked in the fashion industry back then – it was always too much like one was expected to go (office conversations aplenty of what to do – ahhh how I don’t miss working in offices), and once there – over indulge and feel somewhat posed to death. So Firenze’s Fashion Night Out wasn’t exactly on my to do list (not that I have one) – but as it turned out – Fashion Night Out Firenze was an absolute delight – the streets, that are an absolutely perfect fit for events like this – were filled to the very rafters with wonderfully dressed Italians – and not too much of the “thrown myself at my wardrobe while wearing velcro” look that London’s oft too impressionable youth go in for. In fact – it was almost like being back in France – lots and lots of noir.

Unfortunately, the drink was flowing, as usual, rather too freely – so we drunk very early on – mostly on an un-earthly mix of free Prossecco,
Gold cocktails served in pineapples (courtesy of the Fusion Restaurant & Bar), vodka and liquorice – how very glamorous. Despite my wobbly hands I did manage to get one or two pictures – mostly whilst wondering between Via Tornabuoni, the great bar at Fani Gioielli, a random collection of shops with finger food and Piazza della Signoria. I’ve added them below in regulatory black and white.
The pineapple above held a concotion of Gin, Kiwi, homemade lemongrass syrup and a few other things that I no longer remember – it was surprisingly delicious!

All in all – Fashion Night Out Firenze was a whole lot of fun! If you were there let us know in the comments – and don’t forget to share on social media – and give due credit should you share any of the images!

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