2 days in the Alps - Lake Annecy one day soaked in sun and the next covered in snow

Two Days In The Alps

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The weather in the Alps can be an odd thing. Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining enough for us to take a stroll along the lake and eat a lunch al frecso in the warmth of the sun. Sure the mountains around us were still capped with snow – jagged and cold – but the blue sky helped to warm up the scene and the constant sun throughout the day made us give into thoughts of spring. However – today came a huge change. The skies darkened, the winds picked up and by noon, less than 24 hours later, the town and the lake is once again covered in snow. I grew up in Yorkshire so I’m not averse to a little snow – we got it every year – especially out in the Yorkshire Dales (not at all like those little “snow storms” that bring London to a standstill each year – though I did manage to slip on said snow in London and break my foot – though that’s an entirely different story).

But it was rare, even in the wilds of Yorkshire, that we would have an almost entirely spring like day – complete with dogs running in the park, children dipping their toes in the (albeit cold) water of the lake, and that familiar light and hazy feel of spring in the air, and then less than 24 hours later a thick blanket of snow and a steely chill on the breeze. I find it beautiful – but a tad tiresome. Oh, how I was already planning to cycle into the mountains, take a picnic by the lake and drink a bottle or two of Savoie wine on the balcony while enjoying the sunshine…

That being said – I do find the weather in the Alps quite beautiful – we had long hot summery days even in November – hot enough to laze around on the lake with nothing but a vest, and the winter has been mostly moderate…until recently that is. When the snow falls it falls full and proper – even in the Prealps around Annecy. The rooftops become white and the roads are left with trails of snow in all directions – though I’m told that some years the town only gets one or two bouts of snow…. We are staying in Annecy well into the Spring – and I can’t wait to watch another season blend in so effortlessly, just as Autumn did to Winter.

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On the left: the sun is shinging one minute - and less than a day later - the right - snow is falling and the same scene is wintery and almost barren of scenery

On the left: the sun is shining one minute – and less than a day later – the right – snow is falling and the same scene is wintery and almost barren of scenery

Annecy Mont Veyrier covered by a thick cloud

Annecy Mont Veyrier covered by a thick cloud

And the snow is back...

And the snow is back…

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