Grand Roman Theatre of Lyon

Grand Roman Theatre of Lyon in Black & White

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The UNSECO listed Grand Roman Theatre sits atop Fourvière Hill as a beautiful reminder of Lugdunum, the Gallo-Roman city which would later become Lyon. It’s just moments from La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière and is easily reached in just a stop or two by Lyon’s almost vertical funicular. It’s known locally as the Théâtre Romain or the Lyon Amphitheatre and was constructed in approximately 15BC and was able to seat up to 10,000 people. At the site there are the remains of the Théâtre Romain, the Amphitheatre des Trois Gaules, a temple of Cybele and several passages and rooms which are the remnants of the small town. There’s also a museum – the Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilisation –  just north of the ruins. The ramble to the top of the ruins is exceptionally worthwhile – though if you’re not a fan of the ruins then go at least for the superb views over the city.

The Grand Roman Theatre of Lyon is now used for performances, but we visited during a bleak rainy day and explored an almost empty Gallo-Roman terrain. 

Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(9-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-Garden_2Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(5-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-view Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-Roman_Walls Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(30-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-Basilica


The little boxes poking out of the hill are viewing windows from within the museum.

Entertaining the locals at the Grand Roman Theatre of Lyon

Entertaining the locals at the Grand Roman Theatre of Lyon

Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(29-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(27-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(26-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(25-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(24-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(14-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon_graden Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(1-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(5-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(8-of-34) Grand-Roman-Theatre-of-Lyon-(11-of-34)


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