Best Burgers in Annecy

The Best Burgers In Annecy

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We’ve eaten burgers all over Annecy – mostly when hungover, in need of a quick fix or simply too lazy to have anything else. It’s a good option for when you’re simply just not in the mood for Savoie cuisine – melted raclette cheese, reblochon, diot sausage etc., but to be fair – the best burger award does go to the wonderful, Savoie inspired burgers at the Savoie Bar in the Old Town, who melt huge quantities of regional cheeses all over their home made, huge beef burgers.

Read on for our pick of the best burgers in Annecy:

Restaurant: The Savoie Bar

Burger At The Savoie Bar Annecy

Burger At The Savoie Bar Annecy

If you’re in Annecy during summer then admittedly you might find it difficult to get a seat in this rowdy little restaurant.. Well it’s more like part pub, part bar, part restaurant, really. It’s got a great spot for sun and it’s right on the edge of the old town with a view of the Pont Perrière by the Palais de l’Isle – and it’s a popular hit with the locals (including me for the short time we were resident). But to the burgers. There isn’t a huge offering of burgers (but then Annecy itself doesn’t have such a huge choice so be lenient) but what they do, they do with complete and utter wonderment. Take the Savoie burger which comes smothered in Raclette cheese or the version that comes with a very generous blob of melted Reblochon for a truly Savoie-like experience. The lashings of bacon on the bacon burger were some of the best I’ve ever had in France too.  The burgers at the Savoie Bar are cooked to about medium rare without much input from the buyer – I suggest you ask if you want it any different – and the toppings are exceptionally generous. It isn’t the best presented burger in the world, and the homemade patties can get a little messy – but it comes with a steak knife for those not wanting to get their hands dirty. Absolutely gorgeous.

Take Away: 231 East Street

Burger From 231 East Street Annecy

Burger From 231 East Street Annecy

So you’re not really looking for a restaurant? Well, 231 East Street does without a doubt the best take away burger in Annecy. You can have your burger made to order – think Subway but good, freshly cooked and no microwaves – and you can take your burger rare, medium or well done. The toppings are okay – and you can choose from the selection exactly what you want – perfect for a quick take away dinner after a few drinks (though bare in mind the early closing time!). The decor of this place is quite cute, filled with pop art and stylised photography, and occasionally the guys working there are playing some great music – the first time I visited I was welcomed by the wail of Kele Okereke from Bloc Party – suffice to say I knew it had to be a good burger. Much in its favour – this is one of only two places in the whole of Annecy that I found that stocks Dr. Pepper! 

Interior 231 East Street Annecy

Interior 231 East Street Annecy

Call At Home: Star Burger

There aren’t too many options for this but if you’re badly in need of a burger to nurse a hangover or are just too lazy to get out then I recommend Star Burger (open Sundays too – a rare treat in Annecy). The selection is okay – bigger than the previous two – but the burgers are a little hit and miss – mostly fine to eat when you’re not in the mood for something special – but occasionally a little dry. They deliver all over the old town and around the station so most of central Annecy is pretty much covered.

What about the bad burgers!? Easy – stay away from Quick Burger Bar, – terribly slow service, dry and far too salty fries, flat and tasteless burgers –  and you should be fine. For another good joint I suggest the little burger bar – L’Heure Tourne – though I didn’t get to try it even though I lived down the road (they were mostly closed when we walked by) I’ve heard nothing but good things and all of the burgers look delicious – please let me know if you try it!

Update: There’s a new burger restaurant recently opened in Annecy-Le-Vieux called the Roster. Unfortunately it opened after we left Annecy so I have no idea how good it is – however, from the images and descriptions on the website – it looks like it could be a good contender for the Best Burger in Annecy crown! Check it out online here and let us know if you try it!

If you try any of these or if you have your own recommendations then please let us know in the comments!

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