Palais de L'Isle in Annecy icovered in snow

Annecy In The Snow

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It seems the sun is returning to Annecy, and soon winter will give over to spring. However – just a week ago the little town of Annecy was covered in several feet of snow and it was beautiful. I wondered around and took a few photos and marvelled at how, unlike cities such as London, Annecy just keeps going. The busses and trains still run and people still drive – but best of all – people get creative – creating all kinds of snowmen – from the usual carrot nosed efforts through to igloos and small snow zoos filled with ducks and turtles (snowy ones) and the city and its monuments are simply stunning when blanketed in snow.

Take a look through our photo’s of Annecy in the snow, below. 

Cathédrale d'Annecy, La Visitation - in the snow

Cathédrale d’Annecy, La Visitation – in the snow

Annecy silhouette The rue de pont morens Annecy

A silhouette of a man in a hat –  The rue de Pont Morens Annecy

Jardin de l'Europe: A heptagon by Jean-Marie Dumurgier titled L'UNIQUE - and made in 1874.

Jardin de l’Europe: A heptagon by Jean-Marie Dumurgier titled L’UNIQUE – and made in 1874.

An Italian style sculpture in the Jardin de la Renaissance, Annecy

An Italian style sculpture in the Jardin de la Renaissance, Annecy

Graffiti in the Jardin de l'Europe

Graffiti in the Jardin de l’Europe

Seagulls escaping the snow on a jetty overlooking Lake Annecy

Seagulls escaping the snow and icy waters of the lake

Annecy Seagulls

Annecy Seagulls and landscape of Lake Annecy – and the fog covered Menthon-Saint-Bernard on the left

Annecy Snowman

A Snowman in Annecy

Annecy Igloo

An Igloo in Annecy

Snow covered Mont Veyrier

Snow covered Mont Veyrier and snowmen, animals and igloos everywhere!

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