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The 22:14 Allegro Tosca Sleeper Train From Florence To Vienna Fog, stars, sleeping cars and sleepless nights

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We boarded the train in Florence station at just a little after 10:00pm with a rugged bunch of backpackers, ageing Austrian couples and young parents eager to fully experience Europe with their sleep-deprived children. Florence had been an intriguing town once. It still is when one considers it on purely aesthetic grounds. What with the beautiful amber glow that dresses …

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Trattoria Sostanza And The Ignorance of Tourists

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Florence isn’t short on busy little Trattorias that come with love letters posted on blogs, in magazines and review sites from all around the world claiming to have found the best cuisine in the city. Most of these claims are ridiculous. Lazy reviewers who couldn’t help but fall in love with everything that they encountered on their visit to Italy. …

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Il Santo Bevitore Restaurant Review Good Food But Very Little Romance In One Of Oltrarno's Busiest Restaurants

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Il Santo Bevitore is typical of the nuovo of Florentine restaurants. A large, dimly lit open space with a few nooks and a couple of long tables to satiate the Italian love for eating together in large – often gigantic – groups. This, by the way, is why one should always take Tripadvisor reviews with a teaspoon of salt. Especially …

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Tropical Animals Diverse people, good music and a whole different world in Florence

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From the outside, the club scene in Florence can appear a stagnant mess of bad R&B and pop nights designed solely to yank in American students with cut price drinks and terrible, terrible music. Few exceptions exist . One exception however, is the wonderfully raucous Tropical Animals. It has found its home in a few different venues since its inception …

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The Gondoliers of Venice A secretive guild of Venetian elite or simply a gimmick?

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The dark shadows of Gondolas have moved through the canals of Venice for almost 1000 years, and for each of those dark crescent shaped boats, there have been hundreds more Gondoliers, each rigorously trained and sworn into the Gondoliers guild, only after years of apprenticeship at the mercy of a master Gondolier. First the Gondoliers worked mostly for the Venetian …

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Balkan Notes On A Florentine Menu | Gurdulù Santa Spirito's Gurdulù Offers A Tasty Twist of Florentine Conventions

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I must admit a past ignorance towards Gurdulù. Although the restaurant opened in 2015, I didn’t come across it until Florence Cocktail Week in April 2016, of which the adjoined cocktail bar, headed up by the talented Sabrina Galloni, were a part. At first glance it looked, save for a nod to a Parisian brasserie, with its elegant, brass and …