About Nick Nomi

Nick began life surrounded by the undulating hills of Yorkshire and has since lived in cities as diverse as London, Bordeaux and Florence. He studied at LCF at the University of the Arts London and has written for music magazines (such as the York based Soundsphere), avant-garde fashion labels and trend forecasting agencies such as Trendstop in London, where he further developed his style for theatrical and atmospheric writing. He moved away from the office life in 2013 to concentrate on his freelance writing work and has since covered travel, lifestyle and technology for online magazines such as Yettio and BeMyApp as well as companies such as the South East Asia TV channel l Go ASEAN, and is now working on a number of projects for the development of Europe Is Our Playground.

Aside from music and travel, Nick’s interests span everything from the arts and contemporary fashion, to video games, food & drink (read: cocktails) and emerging technologies.

Nick manages, photographs, writes and edits everything on Europe Is Our Playground. He’s also working on a variety of short fiction, poetry and music and has published work under several pseudonymes between 2005 and 2017.

If you’d like to work with Nick or would be interested in publishing or republishing any of his work then email him at: nick@europeisourplayground.com, contact him via @twitter, his photography page at Picfair or his freelance profile at PPH