About Europe Is Our Playground

Europe Is Our Playground is an evolving platform dedicated to the exploration of Europe at a slower pace. We explore beautiful towns and cities and review restaurants and bars, while uncovering Europe’s hidden secrets.

Europe Is Our Playground is for those who enjoy the finer experiential post-tourism travel moments – while at home or abroad. We write travel stories about Europe and talk about experiences with the best places and things that Europe has to offer (as well as occasionally further afield), through literary travel writing, editorial, reviews and candid travel photography.

We travel differently to most, immersing ourselves in cities such as London, Florence and Strasbourg, while travelling to places such as Budapest, Vienna, Paris and Annecy in between – hunting for smaller, more interest-focused sights, restaurants and bars that fulfil us as people – not as tourists. We’ve written a lot on this in the past such as this about mass tourism and travel boredom, and this about slow travel and although we’ll carry on in this vein, we’re also expanding Europe is Our Playground to cover more technology, events and culture – with a creative focus on Europe as a continent and a political state.

About The Editor

Nick Nomi is the creator and editor at Europe Is Our Playground. He writes editorial and creates content for travel companies and occasionally contributes to travel, culture and lifestyle magazines, as well as e-commerce and editorial management for fashion and creative companies.
To learn more about Nick you can take a look at his author bio here.

The design of the Europe Is Our Playground website reflects our ethos. Independent, modern and not afraid to do things differently. We emphasise content over everything else and rarely advertise. We have forgone the typical travel rhetoric to bring our readers an interesting and evolving platform in terms of both written and visual content and website design.
Europe Is Our Playground is fixated on highlighting everything that is wonderful and unusual about Europe as well as our own very different travel lifestyle. Everything on Europe Is Our Playground is created by Nick Nomi in an effort to further celebrate individuality and taste in an industry that is quickly become sedate and uniform.